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A Few Small Changes While You Were Away on Vacation

True story: My mother once went on a short trip with her sister. When she returned home, she discovered that my father had cedar shingled the bathroom walls.

Cedar shingles (Photo: Muffet/Flickr)I don’t know what inspired my dad to do this. He wasn’t the type to read home decorating magazines. And, he wasn’t the sort of guy who commonly undertook home renovation projects. I picture him sitting on the couch reading the newspaper one Saturday morning and having the epiphany that, since shingles look great on the exterior of maritime houses, they’d look fantastic on the walls of our upstairs bathroom.

This wasn’t an easy project for my dad, who was, like me, a member of the measure-once-cut-multiple-times school of craftsmanship. He had to saw holes in the shingles for light switches. Adding to the challenge, the small finishing nails he used wore away at the dry wall, making the shingles a bit wobbly.

Upon her return home, my mother wasn’t pleased.

The shingled bathroom walls were a continual irritant in their otherwise happy union for about 15 years until my father finally gave in and allowed my mother to call a contractor to renovate the bathroom.

I’ve just returned from a two-week vacation and was relieved to see that no one undertook to shingle the walls of the Blatant Media games room while I was away. What is new, though, is the arrival in our Atlantic Avenue Art Block offices a fourth painting by David Brunning, TheKidBelo, one of Western Canada’s premier visual artists. You can see the others here and here.

Painting by David Brunning, TheKidBelo

In Praise of Beautiful Work Environments

June 14, 2012 3 comments

My youngest daughter’s bedroom looks like a war zone. She’s presently in her final exam week in high school and so her floor is covered in papers, clothes, dishes, and detritus—hopefully inorganic—that I can’t identify.

(I can safely tell you this knowing that no member of my family ever reads my Blog posts.)

Comparatively, my eldest daughter’s bedroom is spotless. She finished classes more than a month ago and is now travelling in Europe. Prior to leaving, she did a massive clean up. Not only can you eat off her floor, you could likely perform surgery in that room without risk of infection.

Last night, I discovered my youngest daughter studying for an exam in her sister’s immaculate bedroom. The order and cleanliness made it a better environment to learn and work. “Fewer distractions,” she said.

The point is that we all know deep down that our environment has a huge impact on our work and mood. Distractions can impede our ability to focus and learn. Beautiful environments make us feel good.

Our own work environment just got better. The walls of Blatant Media’s new office in the Atlantic Avenue Art Block in the trendy Inglewood area of Calgary are now adorned with two new paintings by David Brunning, TheKidBelo, one of Western Canada’s premier visual artists.

Feels like home.

We Have Art! (And it Isn’t `Dogs Playing Poker’)

June 1, 2012 2 comments

You know you’ve settled into a new home when art starts appearing on the walls. The presence of art indicates that other parts of the move, like getting lights-electricity-doors-network-a kitchen-boardrooms-etc. are likely resolved.

As you’ve probably noticed from past posts here and here about our games room, creating a fun work environment is a priority at Blatant. A nice environment helps to create a positive culture.

Wishing to contribute to this positive culture, I was about to bring to the office the print of “Dogs Playing Poker” that hung in my parent’s basement playroom for 35 years when this painting appeared on the wall I had targetted:

The painting is the work of David Brunning, TheKidBelo, one of Western Canada’s premier visual artists. From everyone at Blatant Media, thank you to TheKidBelo for making our new home even better.

At Last, a “Blatant Media” Google Alert Worth Reading

May 18, 2012 1 comment

Most of the Google Alerts I receive for the words “Blatant Media” are for Blog posts by enraged political activists who feel that there’s a conspiracy by the media to defame their preferred candidate. These posts can be entertaining at first (lots of exclamation points) but after a while, they become repetitive and predictable.

So-and-so was a shoe-in to become school commissioner until BLATANT MEDIA BIAS ruined her chances by printing the article about her dog killing a neighbour’s cat yada yada yada.

So, you can imagine my excitement when this week, Google alerted me to this Metro News article about the Blatant Media games room located in our new offices in the Inglewood area of Calgary.

Metro News: Calgary company’s $20K gaming room aims to bond employees

A Partial List of Our Most Recent Absorb LMS Customers

It isn’t always possible to announce every new Blatant Media customer. In some cases, their Absorb LMS implementation may be flying under the radar as a departmental LMS within an organization with an official enterprise system in place. In other cases, our clients may wish to have their new LMS implementation kept under wraps until they’re ready to make an official roll-out to learners.

So, here’s a partial list of the organizations that have, within the last few weeks, selected Absorb LMS to support their learning initiatives:

Century Payments – Century Payments is a nationally recognized industry leader in electronic payment processing. The company has been recognized in both the Dallas 100 and the 2011 Inc. 500 lists of fastest growing, privately-owned businesses. More >

COLA Certificates – COLA is the premier clinical laboratory education, consultation, and accreditation organization. The organization’s services enable clinical laboratories and staff to meet CLIA and other regulatory requirements, act in accordance with Quality Systems, and provide the best possible patient care. More >

DBRS – DBRS is a globally recognized provider of timely credit rating opinions that offer insight and transparency across a broad range of financial institutions, corporate entities, government bodies and various structured finance product groups in North America, Europe, Australasia and South America. More >

IMAX – IMAX partners with visionary content creators to create new worlds that captivate the imagination and make people wonder, “How do they do that?” IMAX makes you feel the full emotional impact of the visionary creators’ dream. More >

Lumeris – Lumeris provides best-in-class technology, guidance, and services for hospitals and health plans to transform their organizations into high-performing accountable delivery systems. More >

Save Your Teen Driver – Auto accidents kill more 15-20 year olds than anything else. Over 3,000 15-20 year olds die in car accidents each year. The Save Your Teen Driver program evaluates and trains drivers in the six core areas that cause the majority of accidents. More >

Secure Minds – CTR Services and its Secure Minds is an independent consultancy that provides unbiased, objective and impartial advice in the area of telecommunications security. More >

Souza Chiropractic – Thomas Souza, D.C. is an internationally recognized author, clinician, and lecturer dedicated to providing relevant, current, evidence-based information about chiropractic practice to chiropractors, medical doctors, patients, attorneys, and health management organizations. More >

World Vision – World Vision is a Christian relief, development and advocacy organization dedicated to working with children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice. More >

Industries represented by these new clients include:

  • Entertainment
  • Financial
  • Health Sciences
  • Non-profit
  • Transportation
  • Security
  • Technology

Creative commons licensed photo by:

Check Out Our New Home!

April 9, 2012 1 comment

It’s been more than a month since we moved into our new bigger offices in the trendy Inglewood area of Calgary.

Before you head off to check out our new location on Google Maps, let us assure you that our developers aren’t currently attempting to code new Absorb LMS features outdoors in a construction pit. Google is long overdue to revisit our neighbourhood and include photos or our new home, the fabulous $80-million, LEED-Certified, Atlantic Avenue Art Block.

We’re well past the all-is-good-we-just-need-lights-electricity-doors-network-kitchen-boardrooms phase of the move and are thrilled to announce that our new games room is finished and welcoming lunchtime virtual battles. We considered various set designs for this critical part of our office inspired by Blade Runner and Alien movies as well as various spaceship interiors.

In the end, we went with the following design: (click image to view a 3-D panorama.)

Absorb LMS | blatant media games room

PRESS RELEASE: Blatant Media Certified as ‘Best in Class’ LMS Provider by Brandon Hall Group

March 22, 2012 Leave a comment

Blatant Media Corporation, publishers of the Absorb and SMARTLAB LMS platforms, receive a “Best in Class” rating in Brandon Hall Group’s Smartchoice® Solution Provider Certification program.

CALGARY, ALBERTA– (Mar 21st, 2012) – Staff at Blatant Media Corporation, creators of the award-winning learning management systems Absorb LMS and SMARTLAB, are pleased to announce that they have received a “Best in Class” rating from Brandon Hall Group’s Smartchoice® Solution Provider Certification program. The company received its highest scores in the focus area of Cost of Ownership, based on “great price to value” and extremely high customer satisfaction with their overall return on investment in the Absorb platform.

Brandon Hall Group is the preeminent research and analyst organization focused on developing research-driven solutions to drive organizational performance within executive management, learning and development, talent management, sales, and marketing functions.

“It is evident through our Smartchoice® process and discovery that Blatant Media has a compelling learning solution. Blatant Media¹s clients have reported their solutions to be reliable, flexible, and easy to use,” said Mike Cooke, chief executive officer of Brandon Hall Group. “A strong focus on product design, functionality and client support was integral in Blatant Media receiving a Brandon Hall Group Smartchoice® certification.”

“Absorb LMS made rocket science look like play dough. Every other LMS looked outdated in appearance and function – Absorb looked perfect,” stated one of the clients that participated in the survey.

The Smartchoice® Program is based Brandon Hall Group’s extensive analyst coverage of vendors and industry research findings. Smartchoice®, is a validation program that recognizes the best product and service providers offering solutions to learning, talent, sales and marketing functions.

The Smartchoice® methodology is a rigorous evaluation process focusing on four core areas: Client Support; Cost of Ownership; Functionality; and Capability. Companies, which receive a superior rating in all four-focus areas, receive the Smartchoice® Program certification. By selecting a Smartchoice® provider, organizations looking to acquire products and/or services will be choosing from industry-leading providers who offer ground-breaking solutions to their unmet needs.

“It’s really great to be recognized as a Best in Class LMS provider” said Al Kinnear, Sales and Marketing Director with Blatant Media. “The whole team here works very hard so it’s awesome to see this reflected in such a high level of customer satisfaction.”

“Nice!” added Mike Eggermont, partner at Blatant Media.

This is the seventh time that Blatant Media has earned the recognition of Brandon Hall and the first time that they have participated in the Smartchoice® program. Previous Brandon Hall awards include:

  • Bronze in Learning Management Technology category of the Excellence in Technology for Learning, Talent Management, and Sales and Marketing Awards (2011)
  • Gold Award for Best Advance in Learning Management Technology for Global Training (2010)
  • Silver for Best Advance in Learning Management Technology for External Training (2009)
  • Gold Award for Best Advance in Learning Management Technology for Small and Medium Sized Businesses (2009)
  • Bronze Award for Best Advance in Learning Management Technology for External Training (2009)
  • Silver Award for Best Video in a Learning Program (2008)

Absorb LMS has also been named to’s 2011 list of Top 20 Learning Portal Companies (for the second consecutive year) and was recently recognized as an “Industry Innovator” in a McLean & Company LMS Landscapes report.

About Brandon Hall Group

Having worked with more than 10,000 clients globally and after 20 years of delivering world-class solutions, Brandon Hall Group is the preeminent research and analyst organization focused on developing research-driven solutions to drive organizational performance for emerging and large organizations. Brandon Hall Group has an extensive repository of thought leadership, research, data and expertise in Learning and Development, Talent Management, Sales Effectiveness, Marketing Impact, and Executive Management. (

About Blatant Media Corporation

More than 650,000 employees and students use Absorb every day in over 300 companies globally. Among the list of international clients are Oakley, Adobe Software Systems, Dannon, American Medical Systems, EVOCO, University of Indiana, Zoll Medical, Shoretl, Websense, Virgin Mobile Canada, the United States Anti-Doping Association and many others.
The creator of Absorb LMS and SMARTLAB, Blatant Media Corporation is a learning technology company that leverages the power of technology to provide online training solutions for clients throughout the world. The company is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada., (403) 520-2595.

Contact Information

Media Contact:
Dan Medakovic
V.P. Learning Solutions

Welcome to our Newest Absorb LMS Customers

February 2, 2012 Leave a comment

Photo by: Rameshng

We’re thrilled to continue adding new customers across all industries. Here are a few of the organizations who have recently selected Absorb LMS as their learning platform:

Bomgar — “Bomgar replaces 1st generation remote control support tools with a solution specifically designed for the needs of security-conscience support organizations. Bomgar enables IT support representatives to remotely access, diagnose, control and fix attended and unattended computers and mobile devices. Bomgar allows enterprises to remotely support any device – from anywhere at any time.”

Centre for Paramedic Education and Research – Hamilton Health Sciences — “The Centre for Paramedic Education and Research provides Medical Direction, delegation, leadership, and counsel on pre-hospital emergency health care. CPER strives for excellence in pre-hospital care facilitated through education, continuous quality improvement, and research.”

Foley & Lardner LLP — “With offices throughout the United States and across the globe, Foley combines powerful resources and award-winning client service to help you achieve your business objectives — efficiently and cost-effectively. We draw on the legal knowledge and hands-on industry experience of attorneys in more than 60 practice areas to provide the full spectrum of legal services — any of which can be tailored to meet your unique challenges.”

Inmarsat Global — “Inmarsat has been at the forefront of mobile satellite services for more than 32 years and is the leading provider of global voice, data and IP communications solutions. Inmarsat owns and operates a fleet of 11 satellites providing seamless mobile voice and data communications around the world, enabling users to make phone calls or connect to the internet – whenever and wherever they need – on land, at sea or in the air.”

PROPHIX — “Prophix is a leading developer of solutions designed to automate financial processes including budgeting, planning, reporting, analysis, and performance management for the mid-market. Thousands of finance leaders around the world use Prophix to empower their organization and gain greater insight into business performance. Prophix and its partners deliver the best value by combining high end functionality, low total cost of ownership, and the fastest implementations in its class.”

SOLiD Technologies — “The evolving nature of wireless services, technologies and opportunities is exactly why we’ve designed each and every SOLiD Technologies solution with the inherent ability to adapt. Our solutions are as flexible as they are scalable and as powerful as they are simple. This modularity is in sync with our customers’ need to react to diverse environments and growing challenges. SOLiD’s technology provides an easy-to-scale, fiber-based distributed solution for all of your indoor and outdoor applications.”

Breaking Down Silos: Why Your Learning Management System Should `Play Nice’ with Others

December 13, 2011 Leave a comment

We live in a world where information flows between applications. Rare are organizations with all their data in discrete silos. Learning data should not be the exception. Here are some of the common ways learning management systems (LMS) can share data with other applications:

Importing data into the LMS from an HR system
Many organizations require employee records from a Human Resource Information System (HRIS) imported into a learning management system (LMS) as learner records. When a new employee is hired, this individual will automatically be registered into the LMS and can begin their learning activities. If an existing employee changes jobs, is promoted, or relocates to a regional office, that information will be reflected within the LMS and the individual’s learning plan adjusted accordingly.

Centralizing learner records within an HR system
Some organizations require learner data exported from the LMS into an HRIS system, thus allowing individuals’ learning history to be attached to their employee data and displayed within the HRIS. For organizations working in regulated industries, for instance, this makes potential audits quick and easy; eliminating the need to look for data in two separate places.

Adding legacy learning records to a LMS
In some organizations, the training history of employees may exist in an HR system, or have been exported from a learning management system no longer in use. To centralize the learning history of employees, their achievements and certifications can be imported into the LMS.

Sharing e-commerce data with accounting applications
In situations where learning content is purchased by individuals, departments, or organizations using the learning management system’s shopping cart, APIs can be created to exchange financial data with accounting software applications. Such integration allows purchase histories to be tracked and can be used to generate financial reports such as profit and loss statements, balance sheets, etc.

Want to learn more about data integration? We have a free download on this topic: How Absorb LMS Plays Nice With Others.

The U.S. Department of Defense Security Cooperation Agency Selects Wedgewood Consulting and Absorb LMS

November 21, 2011 Leave a comment

We’re happy to welcome  an important new government agency to the Absorb LMS family. The U.S. Department of Defense Security Cooperation Agency has selected Wedgewood Consulting and Absorb LMS as training partners.

The U.S. Department of Defense Security Cooperation (DSCA) is the central agency that synchronizes global security cooperation programs, funding and efforts across OSD, Joint Staff, State Department, COCOMS, the services and U.S. Industry. DSCA is responsible for the effective policy, processes, training, and financial management necessary to execute security cooperation within the Department of Defence (DoD).

Wedgewood Group specializes in helping organizations properly engage and focus their workforce around meeting its top priorities.