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Absorb LMS: Zero to Mobile Learning in as Little as Four Weeks

February 13, 2013 Leave a comment

Absorb LMS on an iPadYear after year after year, organizations report that they are in the `planning phase’ of providing mobile learning to their workforce. Spinning wheels without getting anywhere in a persistent planning phase often reflects:

  • An understanding that the initiative is important
  • Complete confusion about how to get it done

You can now cross the `Implement Mobile Learning’ task off your To Do list.

`Ninja’ is the top secret code name for the latest version of Absorb LMS, the multi-award-winning learning management system from blatant^. Absorb LMS Ninja is an innovative and responsive HTML 5-based design that adapts dynamically to any device, be it a traditional desktop or laptop computer, popular tablets such as iPads, or phones.

Lucky for us, this Ninja uses its power for good, not evil.

Find out more about how Absorb LMS can have you delivering mobile learning to your learners in as little as four weeks. Downloading this fact sheet Schedule a demonstration today.

`No Pain, No Gain’ Belongs in the Gym, Not in Learning and Development Departments

February 14, 2012 1 comment

`No pain, no gain,’ is a popular fitness industry maxim. Oddly, this belief creeps into other areas of our lives. The result is that we often think that sweating through something makes it better.

[That’s crazy.]

In many organizations, the time and effort required to register learners, assign them to the correct course or curriculum, support them with good communication, track their progress, provide them with certificates, and manage future re-certification requirements makes learning administration painful.

If you’re doing all these tasks manually using spreadsheets and pen and paper, it’s no wonder the effort is high. The good news is that adopting the right learning technologies will act as an analgesic; reducing your pain significantly.

If you’ve moved beyond manual pen-and-paper learning administration and are now using a learning management system (LMS), administering learning may still be a bit painful. The system you’re using may not be well aligned with your requirements.

We’ve just published a document that describes how Absorb LMS is designed to make the management of learning less painful. It’s available for download here.

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Breaking Down Silos: Why Your Learning Management System Should `Play Nice’ with Others

December 13, 2011 Leave a comment

We live in a world where information flows between applications. Rare are organizations with all their data in discrete silos. Learning data should not be the exception. Here are some of the common ways learning management systems (LMS) can share data with other applications:

Importing data into the LMS from an HR system
Many organizations require employee records from a Human Resource Information System (HRIS) imported into a learning management system (LMS) as learner records. When a new employee is hired, this individual will automatically be registered into the LMS and can begin their learning activities. If an existing employee changes jobs, is promoted, or relocates to a regional office, that information will be reflected within the LMS and the individual’s learning plan adjusted accordingly.

Centralizing learner records within an HR system
Some organizations require learner data exported from the LMS into an HRIS system, thus allowing individuals’ learning history to be attached to their employee data and displayed within the HRIS. For organizations working in regulated industries, for instance, this makes potential audits quick and easy; eliminating the need to look for data in two separate places.

Adding legacy learning records to a LMS
In some organizations, the training history of employees may exist in an HR system, or have been exported from a learning management system no longer in use. To centralize the learning history of employees, their achievements and certifications can be imported into the LMS.

Sharing e-commerce data with accounting applications
In situations where learning content is purchased by individuals, departments, or organizations using the learning management system’s shopping cart, APIs can be created to exchange financial data with accounting software applications. Such integration allows purchase histories to be tracked and can be used to generate financial reports such as profit and loss statements, balance sheets, etc.

Want to learn more about data integration? We have a free download on this topic: How Absorb LMS Plays Nice With Others.